Vote on a SIM rule – Group Leader Election

First we would just like to thank you for all your recent suggestions, sent through the new system. There are some great ideas there and many of them will eventually find their way into the system.

This note is about the many suggestions and complaints we have had about the method of choosing leaders in Groups.

When we first planned out the SGS game we were aware of how all voting systems are open to cheating no matter what you do to guard against it. So we simply decided to do away with overall group leaders, and instead work out a Clan system where each individual Clan leader is responsible for their own group. If these Clan leaders wanted to form some sort of council to determine general group matters, then that would be fine. And even if eventually the council decided that they trusted some individual enough to make them overall leader then that would also be good. But this leader would arise through time spent working in the group, and not imposed from outside by us or elected by some controversial election system.

At Kingdom of Sand we intended to keep group leader system by electing the clan leader with the most members. However, no matter what kind of election we run, it is impossible to guarantee that the election will be completely fair. It is hard to decide who is elegible to vote, and who is an ALT or not. One vote IN or OUT, and a different leader may win.

So we are tempted to apply the clan system to KOS as well, but we -Baal and Kora- feel that *YOU* should decide what you want and express a vote on this matter.

You will be voting for either

a. Individual Clan leaders and a possible Clan council, as explained above


b. The election of one overall Group leader

How to vote?

Get the most recent version of the HUD (0.35). Click on HELP -> VOTE where you will be prompted to express your vote.
Login to
(if you have already picked a password)

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