SGS Update 11 January

SIM Update

Yesterday night, only 50% of you received this notecard (due to an outage of the data provider),
so I am sending today’s news with yesterday’s news.


– Soul Stealer Axe
– Nostalgia Kos Sword (same animations and sound lile the old one)
– Great Sword – Serpent King
– Great Sword – Death Dealer
– Great Sword – Slaine Clean
– Great Sword – Slaine Bloody

Weapons are available in the game room when you enter the SIM.

RELEASE VERSION 0.45 AND 0.46 (mini updates)

0.46) We added a build-in skin-changer (sci-fi skin for Nomos, medieval skin for KoS, etc).
So you will need this verson and above to use at Nomos when we open it.

0.45) It was released 2 days ago and it was just to fix a bug. Some people were not found in the SL database name2key, so I switched to a web service that points to our database.

Also I want to remind all of you to make sure that the version of your weapons is 0.40.
If you have older weapons, or older meter, throw everything away.
You can always get a new copy at the dispenser, even if your only copy in inventory get corrupted.

– JUST PICK THE NEW VERSION UP at the GAME ROOM, at the sky entrance. There is a sign on the WALL


Many clan leaders added a password for new people to join their clan.
So now when you use the clan register book, you MUST type a password (case insensitive), if the clan is restricted access.
At the moment it is not possible for you to remove a clan member, but if you ask Kora nicely, she will do it for you – manually.


We revised some of the combat rules. If something is not clear feel free to submit a suggestion through the HUD.


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