Tuesday 16 February Update

16 February 2010


The result is:
– 80 people voted that it is okay to step in after a fight has begun
– 24 people voted that it is not okay.

Therefore, the majority of people believe that being able to help out their friends in a combat situation
is essential to game play in KOS. We agree that making friends and allies is an essential part of the game
and using their aid in combat is a main reason for these alliances.

However, there are still one or two points to be taken into consideration before making a simple yes or no
ruling on the subject.

So here are a few things to bear in mind before joining in on a combat situation that is already underway.

First the most obvious is to make sure that the people fighting want you to be involved, this might be a
personal fight between two players.

If you are within sight of a combat situation which involves a member of your own Clan or an Allied Clan then
the rule is that you can indeed join that combat.

As pointed out by many people, role play introductions to combat already underway are totally impractical
unless there is a natural pause in the fight. So if the combatant players are not Rping at the time you join the
fight, then you may join without need for lengthy introductions.

Players who are neither friends or allies of those fighting should ideally stay out of the fight, or at the very
least have a good RP reason as to why they are joining in. One such reason might be an RP call for help from
one of the combatants.

TPing directly into a fight is not allowed. If you receive an IM from a friend in trouble and a TP is involved then
it should be to a logical location, so that your appearance on the scene is “believable”

The main problem we have sought to solve is the situation where 2 players start a fight and neither call for help.
Then as the combat progresses one of the players decides they do not want to loose so they call in friends,
and in many cases this allows the loosing player to win the fight. This is basically cheating.

Unfortunately written rules are too easily broken and no matter how much we try, it is impossible to police
all situations. So we will introduced a mechanical method that was originated to solve another problem, that of
being attacked the moment you arrive in the sim, before you have had a chance to rez and prepare for any
kind of Rp leave alone combat.

So there will now be a 2 minute pause before the meter becomes active after a TP into the sim.
This will mean that you must judge a combat situation early to assess if you feel you might need assistance,
and call for that help before the combat goes to far. If not you may find your friends will not get there on time
to help you out.


Added a ‘Rezzing Mode’, that it is a 2 minutes delay when you Teleport in the SIM, or in specific situations that
requires the meter to process some information, without interferance. During the Rezzing Mode, your meter
won’t allow you to fight and/or to submit damage from a weapon, as well as not being able to be captured,
if you are a prey.
And some minor bugfixes.

SGS Updates are available in the Game Room, at the Entrance. There is a HUD UPGRADE sign on the Wall.
Click on it and get the new upgrade.


If you are a clan leader and you wish to eject a member from your clan, you can now login to your account
on the web, edit your clan and eject the member directly.
This works only when that player is not at the specific region (KOS for KOS clans, etc).

Ireem Chronicles: http://ireemchronicles.blogspot.com
SGS website: http://www.socionex.com
KOS Blog: http://kingdomofsand.blogspot.com

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