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SGS Version 0.69

Friday, April 16th, 2010

– Ready for Nomos2 region (the residential city attached to Nomos)
– Bugfix: If a bullet bounces back and hits you, you will not get damage
– Bugfix: the combat skills (SWAT & Profighters at Nomos) now are attached by default to the left hand.
– A few minor bugfixes.

The Upgrades are available for FREE at the Game Room, up in the SKy Entrance.

New Group at KOS: Slave

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

We added a new human group: Slave.
You  may be neutral or prey. But you may not be a “Predator”.
Since we expect some people to want to change species and become a slave, switching species is “free” for now. No game money is required. And it is available at the game room at the entrance.

For homeless and unemployed

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

If you are homeless and unemployed:
– Praying at the Church will restore your ethos for free, but very slowly (1 point every 10 minutes)
– Resting on beds at The Miners Light Hostel will restore your physical health (any level) for free at 1 point every 10 minutes.
Just contact the local priests and social services. They will take care of you.

Rental Changes

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

We made some changes in the store rental code.

The max expiration time now has been extended to 2 weeks, instead of 1 week.

The time extension will be added to the expiration date instead of the current time.

For example:
Your store is about to expire in 2 days.
If you renew the rent for one more week, the expiration day will be in 9 days.
If you renew the rent for another week, the expiration day will be in 14 days (9+7=16, but it cannot be over 14).

Also if your store expires and you didn’t renew the rent, you have a grace period of 3 days.
The store is reserved for you. If there is any attempt to rent it during these days, the system will send an Instant Message.

At Nomos the code has already been updated.
At Kingdom of Sand, we will update it in a week or so, just to be sure to find and fix code bugs, if any.

Consensual Roleplay

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

“We promote CONSENSUAL roleplay.
If you are new to SL and roleplay, and if you feel forced to do something
against your WILL, DO NOT do it. Send an IM to the other person. Ask them
to stop. If they don’t, teleport out and then report them.”

We cannot stressed out enough that all the roleplay is CONSENSUAL
in both Kingdom of Sand and Nomos.

If you feel forced to do something against your will, then:
– SEND AN IM to the other person and ASK THEM to STOP;

And also a reminder to everybody to respect RP Limits.
If you didn’t do the due diligence and read them beforehands, ALWAYS ALWAYS
respect the right of your game partner to withdraw their consent at any time.
This is a SIM rule, and it is not negotiable.

Music Streams

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

All the clubs in Nomos have a music controller to change your music streams. The authorized personnel is the staff of the club and the actual owner. Please check with the club owner before switching music. The permissions are updated directly from the employment database. If you mess things up, you can always switch to the Default Stream. Clubs:  Alien, Pecos, Industry, Primal and Slaughter Zone.

BioMechanic at Roy Robots

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Roy Robots at Nomos now offers skill training as BioMechanic.
If you are interested, simply signup at the employment register there.
If you are currently employed at the Metrotek, you may switch to it, without losing the skill training that you have get so far.

SGS Upgrade 0.68

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Some people liked the health bar and descriptive values in the meter, and some others liked the condensed version of it.
So now the choice is yours. There is a new gesture “/condensed” in the folder. If you activate, and type “/condensed” in local chat,
you will enable the short condensed version. And type “/condensed” to turn it ON and OFF.
The verbose version is the default one (easier to understand also for new players).

Upgrade 0.68 is available at the UPGRADE sign at both KOS and Nomos.

Hangun Released 2 April

Monday, April 5th, 2010

We just released 9 new handguns in the Wolfkopf store (up in the entrance, just downstairs, where all the weapons are).
They are all weapon type “HAND_GUN”.
Also there is an upgrade for the ZipGun, now version 0.68, available free at the Upgrade Sign, at the entrance, next to
the HUD big sign. Zipgun is weapon type “BASIC_GUN”. If you don’t have any gun, you can get one for 350G$ (game
money) at Angry Bob’s Government Store, next to the Pecos Club.

Vaccine Machine

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Who moved the Vaccine Machine!
Tha crazy nut Baal has been busy again moving things around again.
The  Vaccine machine is now in a room at the back of the Hospital Reception counter,
You can now mix your Vaccine in peace without being disturbed by the muffled moans coming
From the Meditek patients
Also the price of the vaccine is now 400 G$ instead of 500 G$

Food Type: Blood

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Quick note to all Races with FOOD type BLOOD.
There are as of now two places to get buy blood from in the Sim,
The Hospital in St Anns Square
The Slaughter Zone Club on Highway 1.
If you want a quick feed and don’t want to RP it out then at the moment the best place is the Slaughter Zone.
If you decide that you want to RP a little to get your Food then Maybe the hospital is the best place.
In all cases, if there are players around in an area when you go to get food then at least a little RP should be
involved, no other player can deny you access to your food source, but its all about RP so no reason to make
it easy 🙂 This goes for all food types.
May I remind all players that do not eat normal food I.e. Vampires Demons Shapeshifters and Cyborgs that
their main food should be hunted for, or captured and kept as a food source, this is a large part of the game.
The bought food is only there to make life easier if food is scarce.
The Hospital Blood bank has been moved to a room behind the reception counter so as not to interrupt  any
operations underway in the emergency room.
Good hunting.

About skill items and rezzing problems

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

We are still waiting for the technical team to come and investigate the support ticket … I am sure that the problem will magically disappear before they are able to get here ;-/
Anyway, I added a few debug lines in the employment registers scripts and recompiled them. Please stay within 10 meters of distance when you use it. If the items don’t show up, please send an IM Kora Zenovka (me).

Thank you.

Zipgun Upgrade

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

The ZipGun has been changed to work like the other SL guns.
The challenge to make a gun to work without rezzing has been proven too ambitious.
So Nomos is now enabled rezz perms with 1 minute autoreturn.
Please consider that the rezz permission is ONLY for shooting with SGS guns.
To get an update of the zipgun, please use the HUD Upgrade sign at the entrance, next to the big HUD sign.

[Event] Strip Fight Night – April 3 @ Nomos

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Saturday, April 3rd, 7:00PM SLT
Strip Fight Night
Skyway Arena

Contact Daphne Klossovsky by 04/02 to register