The ‘Marriage’ Game – Sunday 9 May – 4:30PM SLT

Message to all slavers and predators:
Mark Biondi,  one of the most eligible single men of Ireem (so I have been told),  is looking for a wife, and he will select 10 slaves/prisoners of his liking to interview, until only one will be chosen.
Slavers will receive 500G$ if their slave will be chosen to be engaged to Mark.
The event is all in-character 🙂
Please come and show your slaves at the beach in 1 hour (4:30pm SLT).
If you don’t have any slave, now it is time to capture a few from the Sands.



Where: Beach @ KOS
When: 4:30pm SLT – Sunday May 9th, 2010

MARK BIONDI is looking for love (Female Slaves only).
Mark offers G$ 500 to buy his future wife off.

The idea is based on the “The Dating Game”, an old TV game.


Slavers/Predators will show up at the event with slaves or prisoners to offer as  potential wives/husbands.
The main contestant will pick 10 slaves based on their liking.
However, if there are less than  10 candidates, s/he  will have to pick them all.
Max contestants: 10
ps: Main contestants may also hire bounty hunters to capture a few specific preys, if they wish.
ps: if you want to partecipate and you are not a slave, set yourself as ‘Prey’ and draw attention to you
before the event, so hopefully you will be captured and offered as slave to play the game.


The main contestant will ask questions to the candidates,  without knowing  their identity, and will
gradually reject them one by one, and find out about their identity,  until a last one remains.

The player may ask any sort of questions – except anything that may reveal the player identity
or RL information.

(Sense of humor is a plus)

Time Limit: 1 hour.
After one hour, the main contestant is asked to rush into making a final decision.

Phase (3) – FINAL CHOICE

Once a final choice is made, the main contestant will pay the predator/slaver a preset amount of G$
as slave property transfer fee.

We are confident that you made the right choice and hope that you will live happily ever after.
But if not, either of you can break off the engagement.

This is all in-character, so please keep it light and fun and out of drama 🙂

Variation based on  Sage’s suggestion