RP Bans Update

Yesterday I made some changes to the RP Bans.
They used to last 1 week. However, some people just don’t get along.
So while we still hope that players will work something out to be able to interact, we must consider the worst case scenario too.

So now the RP Bans have 3 Levels:

– Lev 1 – the first time you RP ban someone, it lasts 1 WEEK. You cannot interact IC and OOC during that time.

– Lev 2 – if you RP ban the same person after the Lev 1 expires, then it will last 3 WEEKS. No IC / OOC interactions are allowed.

– Lev. 3 – if you RP ban the same person after the Lev 2 expires, then it will last 1 YEAR

All old and current RP bans now appear in your profile as Lev 1 with expiration 18 May.

If you change your mind and compliment the other player at any time, the next RP ban will start from Lev 1.

You don’t have to provide a reason for your RP ban, but please remember to make an effort to get along with other people.

If you RP ban someone before expiration, it won’t increase level. Levels increase ONLY after expiration.