There are 5 Divisions of MetroTek.
Only 2 were available in the HUD Setup, and we now added the remaining 3 to choose from.
If you want to join any of them, simply click on SETUP and GROUP/RACE. If you don’t see them, you will need to¬† switch species at the Game Room, at the entrance of the SIM. If you are leader of a clan and you switch group/race, you may need to contact me (Kora Zenovka), so I will help you out with it.


This company had very humble beginnings as a developer of street lighting technology but had then branched out into all manner of social tech.
When Numosol was discovered on The Martian Moon Phobos they entered and won the Government competition which granted them a contract to supply Mining technology to mine the crystal on the moons surface. The success of this deal made them one of the riches and most influential companies in the world.

MetroTek is Divided into 5 sub companies that deal with different aspects of society.

Law enforcement

Medical Health

Mental health

Power Generation

Genetic Engineering

Significance to Nomos
Metrotek have total control over all social aspects of Nomos
MetroTek owns Nomos.
Most Citizens totally distrust and dislike the MetroTek Company, and are extremely wary of the activities of all the branches.

Metropol are thought to be extremely Draconian in their approach to Law and order and
all laws are biased towards the Company and its ideals.

MediTek are accused of sub standard health care and trading in Body parts and secret experimentation.

Psychotek are accused of covering up the extent of Psychotic breakdown in Society.
And also accused of Secret Experimentation.

GenoTek are accused of all manner of unsavoury experimentation in the Genetic field.

MetroGen are the worlds top pollutant.