Mixed-Race Clans is now possible!

Since an exploit of the code (sort of documented bug) players were able to create mixed-race clans anyway, we made it official, and now you can too.

Just a word of advice. When you have a mixed-race clan, your clan as a whole may not be welcomed in the race/group HQs (which is safezone just for one race).

Example KoS – if you are Undead and you belong to a Bedouin clan, do not expect a warm welcome if you go to the Bedu camp. You will likely to be attacked.

If you create a mixed-race clan, please just make it meaninful for roleplay.

Also if your group is restricted (such as Metropol), add a password to avoid intruder to join your clan. Or just a password anyway – to be safe. If you get intruders in your clan and you want to kick them out, click on “PROFILE” on the web, then click on the CLAN edit page and there is a simple tool to kick people off from your clan.