Upcoming changes ethos/crime

Just an heads-up.
We areĀ  currently working on splitting the idea of crime from ethos.
It means that you can still have low ethos, but not being a criminal.
And if you are a criminal, preying in church won’t save you from jail or legal fee.

Part of your criminal activity will be recorded through your activity in the SIM.
However, victims and witnesses of In-Character crime should submit a crime report
at the Metropol front-desk (at Nomos) or outside the Knight HQ (for KOS).

Law officers will contact the victim or witness and investigate the report.
They may confirm or dismiss the claim. If the report is confirmed, then it is added to your criminal record.
At Nomos you may still get a chance to be found NOT guilty during trial, or you will be expected to
spend time in jail or paying a legal fee for your freedom.