Update on Crime Changes at Nomos

There are still a few changes:

a) if you get caught by the Metropol and you go to trial, the amount you will have to pay is proportional to the amount of money you stole or damage (minus the discount that the lawyer will be able to provide for you).

b) If you go to trial with a lawyer, besides getting a discount up to 100%, you can have a quick arraignment with the judge. Without a lawyer, your trial will be scheduled in 24 hours

c) Going to trial will clear up the list of your open crimes, and you cannot be persecuted for the same crimes twice.

d) If you believe that you paid for your crime, and you are still on the board of the Most Wanted Board, please contact the Chief Enforcer and he will be able to help you out (he can close your open cases).

e) If you are a victim or a witness of a city crime, please submit crime reports to the Metropol. There is a computer at the Metropol Frontdesk . You only need to reply to a few questions, and the Metropol will start an investigation. Please limit to IC crimes.