Black Moon Prophecy


Sunday 31 October (Today)3:10pm SL time.
Don’t worry about finding them they will find you :).

We hope all players will join in this one off fun event for Halloween.
You may even earn yourself some extra cash, if your nerves hold out.
Even though it is a fun event we have still tried to fit it around the general story of the game so you do not need to go OOC to play.
Please read the short intro story at the end of this note if you have not already done so.


Player notes


A zombie has a lifespan of max 5 minutes, if it doesn’t get killed first.
Every time it collides with players, it will drop 2 points of physical health.
Players may use either SGS melee or range weapons to fight back.
The amount of damage is a random number based on the weapon damage
there will be extra food to be found in the church.

-= AWARD =-

Players that kill zombies will be awarded 100G$ for each kill , deposited directly into their bank account
(-10% of bank commissions).


The zombies chase and attack one person at a time.
If you attack the zombie, it will stop chasing its current target and come after you.
If you run and hide in a crowd, it will likely lose interest in you and start to chase someone else.
If you go to KoS2, you have better chances not to be chased by zombies, but they do cross-over sims (I think, but yet to be tested.).

-= FOOD =-

If you go to zombie hunt, you need plenty of food/bandage/armor.
It is better food on the go. If you stop at one of the restaurant and wait for your food, you may be dead before having a chance to have your meal.


Zombies will infect you, if you don’t kill them first.
In general vaccines last for the whole month.
Because it is the end of the month it is possible that you will need a new vaccine,if you were previously vaccinated against that virus.


The Black Moon Prophesy

There was much commotion in the streets one day as I took my usual walk upon the city walls.
I stopped and looked down upon a small crowd which had gathered around a very old man who was sitting propped against a wall.
He was shouting something in a very old dialect which I had not heard for many years.
“Beware!” he cried “Beware the Black Moon when the day shall turn to night and all that is Evil and corrupt shall rise up from the tombs and rage against the light”
Some people seemed amused and some seemed rather angry and shouted back at the man to move on and take his prophesies elsewhere. But he did not move, just carried on shouting.
I decided to walked down the steps to the street bellow to get a closer look at him.
Once at the bottom I could see much better his face. His eyes were closed, his skin dark tanned, and there was something very awesome in his expression. Like a man who had seen something so frightful that the look of fear formed in the seeing had been frozen for all time in a terrible expression of fear.
As the crowd finally dispersed a bit and the old man at last fell silent I walked closer and stood above him.
All of a sudden he raised his head and opened his eyes and gazed up at me. But there were no eyes in the sockets.
He grasped at my cloak and pulled it towards him I resisted, but he whispered “closer, come closer” I leaned down to hear better his whispered words. It was an old saying I remembered from when I was very young, my grandmother used to say it, but my father would stop her and tell her to be mindful of those who were listening.
This he whispered.

“What shall we do when the Moon turns black
And the day becomes as night
When all that is evil walks the streets
And the good must hide in fright.

Oh where shall we run when the light is gone,
We with no strength to fight.
In who shall we trust when the evil comes
Who will stand for the light.

Weep for the fallen killed and maimed
Slain on the blood soaked bed
Weep for those taken, pray for their souls
Pray they will soon be dead.

When will this happen, when will it be
Per chance it’s a nightmare dream
Oh how I wish it were only such
Not the fate that befalls Ireem.