Slaver Camp has moved

The Pirate/ Slaver group camp and safe zone has been moved from the Docks to far NE corner of the sim behind the slaves Head Inn. This can be got to by walking through what used to be the slaver safe zone, the store rooms,  and out through the caves at the back, just keep following the sand path. If that seems like a long walk through the sand, especially  for those of you with Peg legs, then there is a rowing boat down the Dock wall steps near the Slaves Head Inn which will TP you straight there and back. The cages in the Dock are no longer just for the use of slavers, but the ones in the slavers new camp are. Why move? well we have over the months had many requests to bring back the slavers tents, and to be honest the group have not really had a settled home, well now they have. three cheers for the return of the smelly seal skin tents and the good old camp fire. I can already hear the good old she shatiesringing out over the sim, ahh Jim Lad, it be awesome.