OffWorld Decontamination Ops

A cargo space freighter sits off planet but has been infected by the virus turning the crew into zombies. Obviously they do not want this to land but they do want the cargo.
At specific times through out a day, or possibly random times a message goes out in the hud to players that a crew of mercenaries is needed for one of these cleanup missions, they go to the TP point, a space shuttle, and when 5 players have taken their places, they are TPed up to the cargo ship. They land in the cargo bay and have to fight their way through the corridors to the bridge where they have completed the mission and can TP down. They must kill a set amount of Zombies before they can leave and have a time limit to do this in. There are extras like each person has a bit of code which they need to enter into one of the 5 on board computers to disable the auto pilot.

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