The future of Nomos2

Subject: Nomos2 is closing for financial reasons. A new SIM will be built.

Read FURTHER!!!!!

We just want to inform you that we will be closing Nomos 2 within the next week.
PLEASE NOTE: We have NO plans whatsoever to close Nomos 1, the City.
Nomos2 has always struggled to make its tier cost, and in the past couple of months things have slowed up so much so that we feel we need to take action in order to stop both sims from having to close.
Nomos 2 has always been the residential side of Nomos and never played a huge part in game play. Mostly it has stood empty apart from the few residents renting there.
So we hope that its closure will not effect play in the main sim too much.
Any game areas such as the biker club and Bedlam we will try to fit into the main sim so we do not loose them.
We will not be selling or disposing of Nomos 2, we will be re cycling it, turning it into something completely different which we will once again open up to the community for rent and play.
We will of course keep you informed as to what form this new sim will takeĀ  and when it will be opening. Hopefully this will be within a month.
All currant residents of Nomos 2 will have the choice of either moving to some residences we have created in Nomos 1, or a re fund on any rent they have outstanding.
We hope everyone understands that, as always, it is financial considerations which force us to move and change sims around.
However, as much as we dislike closing sims, we do as always look forward to new experiences in other areas of interest. So we are excited to see what happens next, what new fantasy will arise from the ashes of the old. All things come and go, the only constant in the Universe is change

Baal and Kora