Voting for Group Leader – Round 2

The top 2 Magi candidates in the first round of voting were: Tim Speiser and Petertron Nieuport. So now please vote who you wish to become Magi Leader. 2nd and final round ends next Monday. If you have already voted last week, please vote again. 2 rounds take longer, but it gives better chances for a fair election.

For the Priests, Petunia Sweetwater and Carly Brucato were the most voted, and go to round 2 of the election!
Please vote again now. 2 Round of voting will end next Monday.

Aehm, the djiin election didn’t start, because the board wasn;t ready. I apologize, but nobody told me ;-/
Anyway, so Djinn will start Round 1 of voting right now. There are 7 candidates: wolfenstien Khandr, Ruxia Zuta, Rafe Deerhunter, Bokuden Fall, infamous0 Resident, Kal Villota, and ‘Nobody’. If you are a djinn please vote!