Nomos Closing Notice (19 June)

We have for a month, I guess even longer now, been watching Nomos.
In that time it has been almost completely empty, apart from the occasional visitor.
As we say repeatedly in our notes, a sim cannot exist if it does not at least support itself in paying its monthly tier, or demonstrating clearly that it has a purpose to exist beyond being a pretty picture.
Nomos does not do that by a long way.

So after some very serious consideration, we have decided to put it into storage for a while, very much in the same way as we had to do with Golgothica.
We realise many players have put a lot of time and effort into making the place work in the past year or so.
To these people we are, as always, extremely grateful.

But, as always, there will be those who think we close sims in a casual, care less kind of manner.
To such peopleĀ  I would ask them to spend the best part of a year pouring endless creativity, hard work and real money into a project, then close it, and see how they feel.
Only then can they know how we feel.

For ourselves, we have been very happy with the way Nomos turned out on a creative level, as for its success in SL, well as they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

But have no fear fantasy lovers.
A new and slightly twisted phoenix shall arise from the ashes of the dead city very soon .
We shall of course keep those who are interested updated on what comes next.

We will close the sim to players and Visitors on Sunday 19th of June.

NOTE: If you are renting either an apartment or a shop on Sunday, you will receive a refund by Uncle Ansome for the remaining rental.