SGS HUD v 2.10 Release

Have you forgotten to compliment other players? And now you cannot do it anymore because they left the SIM?

This release addresses this topic. There are 2 new gestures:

/compliment and /norp

If you wish to compliment someone, simply type:

/compliment Firstname Lastname

If you wish not to interact with another player, simply type:

/norp Firstname Lastname

If this player is offline or in a different region, s/he will receive an Instant Message about it.

If this player is in the same region, s/he will receive a popup window with the message.

Also when you enter a region, there will be a reminder in your local chat about the people that you cannot interact with (either by your or their request).

Upgrades are always free and available in the Game Room at the entrance of the SIM.

Please do upgrade, but this release is not mandatory.