SGS HUD & Meter v 2.13 Released

The justice (law & order) item has been modified :

1) once it is used, it gives a warning to the perpetrator that he is under arrest and advise him to run.

2) to avoid the arrest, the perpetrator should run as far as possible from the officer of the law.

3) if the perpetrator teleports out, he *will* get arrested for sure.

4) within 3 and 11 seconds, if the perpetrator is within 10 meters from the officer of the law, then the arrest will be successful

5) The 50%-50% chance has been removed. But it is still valid the requirement that a criminal should have 2 confirmed crimes (older than 3 days).

Upgrades are always free and available in the game room. This is not a mandatory release yet. In order to use the new skill in KOS, knights should wear HUD v 2.13.