Golgothica Referendum

The RP Business Owners are asking for the cash tills. Cash tills are only fair if players have the chance to steal from it.If we allow people to steal from it, it would be fair only if they pay for their crime. If players pay for their crime, then we need a justice system with trial or so on. So in summary, if we add the cash tills, we will need the whole justice system. Now Baal and I have decided to let you vote for it, so we will know what the majority of players in Golgothica wish to do in this regard. If most players want the justice system, keep in mind that vampires and demons will likely be unpunished, while villagers will pay for everything.

To vote, please use the referendum skull in the Game Room at the entrance of Golgothica. Only Golgothica SGS players (minimum age: 3 days) can vote.

PS: Someone asked if we are going to have an Outlaw/Knight group in Golgothica, if the YES wins.
The answer is NO.
If the YES wins, it is likely that we will add a job for Vampire/Demons/Werevolves as ‘Bounty Hunter’, and those who commit crime will be hunted for a bounties etc.
Also the jury will be form by Predators groups.
Anyway the details on how this is going to work will be discussed later on.