HUD & Meter Release v 2.16

In this release:

  • Inventory Items will last for 72 hours instead of 48 hours (from last update date). The inventory purge is done when you signup for work. More Info:
  • Added minimum age to employment, because some jobs may require a player with a minimum age for signups.
  • When the law and order skill is used on you, the system now ignore the crime investigated and dismissed. More Info:
  • After the law&order skill announces the arrest of a suspect, the delay is now 10-30 seconds (random) instead of 2-11 seconds. If the suspect runs and stays at a distance of 10m or more from the officer of the law, the arrest will fail.
  • Added the skill item type “anyfood” which can be food, blood or energy.
  • Fixed a problem with rats (players were owned by previous owner, instead of falling unconscious). When you capture a rat, you will be asked if you intend to eat it or sell it, and then it will become part of your inventory.
  • Some code cleanup about  the skill items.

Updates are always FREE and available in the Game Room at the entrance of the SIM. This release is mandatory.