Who is going to be the next Alchemist?

There are 11 candidates for the position: Mor Blackthorne, RobotMinx Resident, LilTrick Wirefly, Petertron Nieuport, Irish Breen, Shana Semple, Genessis Resident, Gaines Rhapsody, Stella Theseus, IceGypsies Ghost, and Darian Warcliffe.
It is up to YOU! Vote at the Alchemist store. There is a voting book outside. VOTE VOTE VOTE!
Candidates please contact the Chronicles if you wish to print your ‘campaign’.
We will run 2 round of election. First round will run for 1 week.

There were initially 14 candidates, but 3 candidates were removed from the list because they don’t qualify, and they belong to the wrong group.