KOS Group Leadership Referendum – Result

Based on popular vote, the following groups will have a group leader election: Bedouin, Magi, Pirate/Slaver, Merfolk.
About the other groups: Djinn and Dark Knights were in favor to keep the status quo. The other groups were a tie or not enough votes to establish a majority.

If you are interested in being the group leader for Bedouin, Magi, Pirate, Merfolk, please signup as candidate at the sign directly at your HQs.
If you don’t belong to the group, or you are another player’s ALT, your candidacy will be discarded (sorry!)
Also be prepared to release your candidate statement or interview to the editor of the Ireem Chronicles.

More: http://community.socionex.com/2011/09/08/kos-referendum-in-7-10-days/