Ireem City Laws

You can now get your own copy of city laws, available outside the Knight HQs.
Ignorance of the city laws won’t be a good excuse to avoid an arrest or a trial.
If you don’t wish to be arrested within city walls, please avoid any criminal behaviour, as established by city laws and you will be fine.


Laws and Fines of Ireem

1. Attemped Murder: 5000G$/2000G$
2. Assault: 2000G$/1000G$
3. Threat against the Sultana: 1000G$/500G$
4. Insult or Disobey: 500G$/100G$

Palace & Harem
1. Trespassing: 500G$/100G$
2. Damage to Property: 500G$/100G$

The City, Ireem
1. Drawn Weapon or Gun inside the City Walls: 500G$/100G$
2. Damage to Property: 500G$/100G$
3. Naked inside the City Walls: 100G$/50G$
4. Shoplifting: Automatically reported by the Owner

Other Crimes inside the City Walls
1. Attempted Murder: 2000G$/1000G$
2. Assault: 1000G$/500G$
3. Rape / Sexual Assault: 1000G$/500G$
4. Insult: 100G$/50G$
5. Theft / Pickpocketing: 100G$/50G$
6. Public Drunkenness: 100G$/50G$
7. False Accusing: 100G$/50G$

Incitement to riot:

Incitement to War:

Fines belong to the Wealth and Criminal History of the Criminal and can change.
The Palace and Harem Guards automatically accuse “Assault & Trespassing”. 500G$ for Trespassing + every other Crime (For Example: 500G$ trespassing + 500G$ for Assault OR +1000G$ for Assault of 2 Members).
Attempted Murderer and Shoplifters are not to be fined. These Criminals must be brought to the Trial !!! If there are reported Crimes the Criminal must brought to the Trial, too.

Signed by Imperatrix Avery Allegrant.