Do you fight fairly? (Combat rules)

If you engage in a fight, you are expected to finish it win or lose. Behaviour not allowed:
– TELEPORTing out the SIM in the middle of the fight
– HIDING in someone’s apartment after the fight started
– TAKING your HUD OFF after the fight starts
If you feel that you were attacked illegally (without RP or for other reasons), CLEARLY STATE IT BEFORE the beginning of rhe fight.
If you fight you AGREE to lose when it happens. If you don’t agree to lose, then you should set your meter as NON-COMBATANT.

We are aware that some players don’t read combat rules or any sim rules at all.
Most rules are pretty much standard in any roleplay SIMs, and to be honest, rules are easy to guess as well.
However, if you are not compliant to our combat rules, we will give you the time to read the rules, by temporarily disabling your weapons, so there won’t be distraction.