Group Leader Elections – Voting starts now!

It is time to vote for Group/Race Leader elections.

There is always the option to vote “Nobody” if you would rather have no unique leader for the whole Race, but rather a clan council to lead the group.


Merfolk: Ivery Silverfall or Nobody

Magi: Andalinae Resident, ZENevia Moonstone, or Nobody

Palace Guard: KAYA Blinker, or Nobody

Slaver/Pirates: Darklord Trapdoor, mamacu Resident, or Nobody

Djinn: StormcruzerLore Abbot, VivienMarli Resident, Verotiger Resident, or Nobody

Dark Knight: Malley Vollmer, rosie29 Resident, or Nobody

Priest: Elizer Ferina, Ragnar Niekerk, Shane Teromaximus, or Nobody

Bedouin: Miriam Lemondrop, LeAnnieJane Resident, or Nobody

Undead: DarksideAngelus Silverfall, Tobi Etzel, Dragorloth Savira, or Nobody

Citizens: No candidates.

Please vote at the scroll in front of the Good Knight Tavern.

ALT votes are discarded. Irregular votes are also discarded.

The voting may continue to 1-2 weeks depending on the number of candidates, until a definite winner has been chosen based on the number of votes.