Elections Semi-Finals

Finalists for Group Leaders, based on number of votes:

Priests: Elizer Ferina and Ragnar Niekerk

Bedouins: Miriam Lemondrop and LeAnnieJane

Undead:  DarksideAngelus Silverfall and Tobi Etzel

Slavers: Darklord Trapdoor and mamacu

Djinn: StormcruzerLore Abbot, VivienMarli Resident, and Verotiger Resident

Dark Knights: Malley Vollmer and rosie29 Resident

Magi: Andalinae Resident, and ZENevia Moonstone

Merfolk and Palace Guard – same candidates 🙂

If you voted for a different candidates, please vote again. The counter may show 0 votes, but the votes are all saved.