Palace Group Changes

Quick summary:
Here are the changes that Baal and I decided to implement in the Palace:
1) The Sultana remains in power as NPC.
2) The current Palace Royal group will become Nobles group.
3) The Nobles group is open enrollment. However you will be accepted if your player story and character is a good fit
4) Unless the Sultana has already recognized you as relative, you will not be able to claim to be part of the Sultana’s family
5) All nobles are at the same level. There isn’t anybody with more or less power status ICly.
6) A new group ‘Palace Staff’ is created for all players who wish to work as secretary, kitchen duty or housecleaning or gardener etc. (both prey and combatant). If you have the cleaning company, you might want to do the upgrade to v 2.01. There was a problem with permissions, but now it is fixed.
7) If you cause trouble or grief or your behavior is not a good fit for the palace groups, we will remove you from the group.
8) All groups may have families (as clan).
9) All groups will have an election for a group leader.
10) The group leader for the Nobles group is called ‘Emir’ and he or she will serve as coordinator for the group and administrator (he will handle the OOC issues as well). He is not authorized to make up new rules. He is at the same level as all other group leader. No more no less. The election of the Emir may be democratic via election, or maybe he will be chosen by Baal and Kora (we are still not sure about it).
11) If you are interested in joining any of these group please contact Baal or I.
12) Later on the clan leaders and coleaders will be able to invite people in, as well.