How to Uncapture

Were you captured and you are someone’s prisoner now?

If you wish to regain your freedom, here are some option for you:


a) RANSOM: you can offer a ransom to your captor. He will be asked to accept or not. If he accepts, then your money will be transfered from your bank account to his account, and you will be free. No penalty.
TO Ransom, use your SGS HUD: Interact -> Captor Name -> Ransom

b) ESCAPE: you can run away and hide from your captor. To succeed, you have to be at least 100 meters away from your captor and you have to wait 20 minutes since your capture. If 20 minutes haven’t passed, it will show how many minutes are left.
To Escape, use your SGS HUD: Self -> Escape

c) IC Uncapture: Roleplay out your captivity, and your captor will uncapture you.
To Uncapture a Prisoner, use the SGS HUD: Victim -> Prisoner Name -> Uncapture

OUT-OF-CHARACTER (Use it as last resource):

d) OOC Uncapture: If you think that you were unfairly captured and/or you don’t give your consent to roleplay your captivity, you can always uncapture yourself in OOCly.
To Uncapture yourself, you have to teleport yourself to a OOC area in the SIM (either the game room or a drama box), and look for an Uncapture Box or Sign.

Last modified: January 31, 2012