Combat Dice

When should you use the Combat Dice?

  • You are a non-combatant;
  • You are interacting with a non-combatant (whatever is your combat preference)
  • You are in a dispute or argument and wish to have a roll a dice to resolve it.
  • Combat dice will work for slaves/preys/owned/safezone, and all cases where regular weapons cannot be used.

How to play Dice?

To use Combat Dice, click on “Interact” on your HUD, choose the name of the person, and then click on ‘Dice’.  The other player will receive a dice request and approve it. If the other player doesn’t want to use Dice, it is their choice, but it is always advisable to find a way to resolve the IC disputes somehow.

HUD -> INTERACT -> ‘Player Name’ -> DICE

Why is it called ‘Combat’ Dice?

The loser will lose 6 health points each time they roll a dice, to simulate a ‘combat hit’.

Guidelines to use Combat Dice:

The rise and fall of physical health in the meter is one of the main driving factors for having to use all the other game elements like food and drink drugs etc which lead on to the correct functioning of all the other parts of the game.
So we devised what we shall call combat dice.

We ask that all Players who wish to use RP combat instead of meter based weapon combat use these dice so that their chosen form of combat conforms to the SGS system.

We realise that many RP purists will still not see this as a solution, but we ask that they give it a try in the interests of our efforts to try to harmonise a mechanical system with a purely text based system.

Example :
Jack: “Draws his knife and tries to deliver a fatal blow to the chest of his attacker before she is ready”
Jack: Throws dice: score 4
Jill: throws dice: score 5
Jill wins
Jill: “Quickly dodges this lame attempt at a quick attack by leaping to her right, Takes out her Machete and brings it up in a sweeping motion  towards the outstretched arm of the attacker”
Jill: throws dice, score 3
Jack: throws dice, score 1
Jack looses 6 Physical points from his meter.
Jack “ Feels the blade of the machete slice into his forearm opening a large cut that begins to splash blood onto the pavement”
This continues until one player looses all their physical points same as in straight meter combat.

Of course all role play combatants would have to agree to this Dice combat system before even entering the game.


Last modified: November 3, 2011