HUD – Setup

SGS HUD Setup Menu

SGS HUD Setup Menu

You can only use SETUP at the SIM entrance. If you have already started to play and you wish to make more changes, please use the teleport to return to the entrance.


This is the first question you will be asked as new player.

Possible choices:

  • Human
  • Supernatural
  • Synthetic/Mecha (Nomos Only)
  • Animal
  • Alien (Nomos Only)

Race / Group

Once you pick your species, you will see the races/groups within that species, but you will be able to switch from one to another :

Combat Mode

Possible choices:

  • Default Combat Mode
  • Warrior Mode
  • Non-Combatant

By default, some groups have already preset with a combat mode, but you can always change it to suit your character.

Please read here for more information: Combat Rules

Capture Mode

Possible choices:

  • Predator: if you wish to chase preys
  • Neutral: if you don’t wish to be part of the capture – either as predator or prey.
  • Prey: if you wish to be chased and captured and will likely play along with the capture roleplay (All roleplay is consensual though). As prey you won’t be able to draw a regular weapon (there will be special weapons for preys, but not released them yet)

Some groups are preset with a specific capture mode, and you won’t be able to change it. Example: Villagers in Golgothica have capture mode: Prey.


This should represent the gender of your avatar. Possible choices:

  • Female
  • Male


This only affect preys. Your preference is mostly your sexual preference, if the capture roleplay will evolve in a sexual roleplay. Possible choices:

  • Straight
  • Gay/Lesbian
  • Bi/Bi-sexual


This only affect preys. Your level of difficulty is how many consecutive bumps/collisions from the same predator will take for you to be captured. Possible choices:

  • Easy: 4 hits
  • Medium: 8 hits
  • Difficult: 12 hits

Character Name

You may choose a separate name for this character. Character Name should be different from Avatar names, but it is not mandatory. Max characters 25. Exceeding characters will be dropped.

Custom Text

This is a custom text to display in your meter. You should use it to specify your race, or some other meaninful text to show to other players. Max characters 25. Exceeding characters will be dropped.

Save & Exit

When you have completed the setup, please press ‘SAVE & EXIT‘ , and your changes will be saved.

Last modified: April 18, 2012