SGS HUD Victim Menu

SGS HUD Victim Menu

Once you capture a prey or win a fight, you may activate the victim menu on your captive.

Click on your HUD -> “VICTIM” -> Name of the captive (within 20 meters) -> victim menu (see picture)

Commands will work on both preys (as slave) and non-preys (as prisoners).

Options available:


If the captive is frozen and unable to move or walk, use this command to allow him/her to move.


If the captive runs away and you wish to stop him and freeze him, then click on this. As long as the captive is within 100meters, he will be stopped.


If you wish to uncapture your captive, use this command.


If you wish to give your slave to someone else (or sell), use this command, and the captive property will be changed to the new ownership. The captive must be nearby to make this work.


If you wish to knock out your captive and let him/her go, then use this command. The captive will fall on the ground for a few minutes, and be uncaptured at the same time.


If you wish to collar your captive, use this command. The collar will become visible. If your captive is not a prey, a request of authorization will be sent to your captive, and s/he will decide to agree or not. If the captive is a prey, the authorization is automatic.


Click this to uncollar your prey. If a leash is attached, the leash will also be removed.


If you wish to leash your captive, use this command. The collar AND the leash will become visible. If the captive is not a prey, a request of authorization will be sent. If the captive is a prey, no explicit authorization is required. Authorizations are scripted, so you don’t have to ask for it.


If you wish to remove the leash from your captive, click on this. The collar will still be visible.


If you feed on blood or energy, you will be able to suck blood or energy from your captive. This option will make you both play an animation.


This is currently disabled.


You can force your captive to play submissive animations, by clicking one of the following animations:


SGS HUD Victim/Poses Menu

SGS HUD Victim/Poses Menu

Last modified: February 18, 2012