Bank Account / Money Lender

At each game you will find ATM machines or Money Lender where you can open an account. This way you can safely deposit your cash, withdraw it, or also apply for a loan.

There is flat deposit fee of 10% on each deposit

Interest on Loans may apply, but at the current time (Feb 2010) they are currently 0%

Deposit your money in a bank account will become more useful as you acquire more money, as pickpockets and thieves abound in game, and will take a percentage of your pocket or your shop till if they succeed.

Also you can use it to transfer money from your bank account to another player’s bank account. This is the best and safest way to transfer large amount of money.

To check your bank account, touch the ATM at Nomos, or the Money Lenders at Kingdom of Sand and Venexia.

If you try to access your bank account, and it says that your account was frozen, that is because you are arrested by the local justice corps (e.g. Metropol, Knights, Inquisitors) and a trial is pending. To unfreeze your account, you must go to court and have a trial (or you can plea guilty, and skip trial). About Trials, read HERE


If you click on ATM/Money Lender, you will see this menu:



Check the current balance and the account info.


If you are a new player, or if you need a quick loan from the bank, the bank offers 200G$ of loan to everybody, but not if you owe the bank already 200G$ or more


You will be asked to type the amount of G$ you wish to deposit in your account. The money will then be transfered from your cash account to your bank account. A 10% fee is applied to each deposit.


You will be asked to type the amount of G# you wish to withdraw. The money will then be transfered from your bank account to your cash account, and it should show up in your HUD.


If you wish to do a wire transfer from your bank account to another player, use this. You will be asked to type the amount of G$ and the full name of the player. This transfer is SAFE. Please use this as preferred method to transfer money.


If you are currently “Property of Metropol” (at Nomos) or “Property of Knights” (at Kingdom of Sand), you won’t be able to access your ATM. Your bank account has been frozen pending your trial. Once you have your trial, you will be able to access the bank account again.


Last modified: May 2, 2012