Consensual RP & Abuse

“We promote CONSENSUAL roleplay.
If you are new to SL and roleplay, and if you feel forced to do something
against your WILL, DO NOT do it. Send an IM to the other person. Ask them
to stop. If they don’t, teleport out and then report them.”

We cannot stressed out enough that all the roleplay is CONSENSUAL
in both Kingdom of Sand, Nomos and Golgothica.

If you feel forced to do something against your will, then:
– SEND AN IM to the other person and ASK THEM to STOP;

And also a reminder to everybody to respect RP Limits.
If you didn’t do the due diligence and read them beforehands, ALWAYS ALWAYS respect the right of your game partner to withdraw their consent at any time.
This is a SIM rule, and it is not negotiable.

A main reason of misunderstanding is due to the confusion about OOC and IC. For example, if you scream “Nooo” in-character to an extreme violence scene, you don’t really mean the other player to stop. If you say ‘No’ in OOC, then you ask the other player to stop.

If you are not familiar with the terminology, please read further.

In-character is a term used to describe your appearance and behavior while role-playing. It is your virtual or fictional-self, acting and behaving the character you’ve created. Majority of the time, you will enjoy remaining in-character, socializing with other players living their “second life” in one of our virtual worlds.

Out-of-character refers to actions and communication that do not contribute nor is in-theme to the role-play stories created here. Open conversations not in-character are allowed at the sky entrance and the shopping area. Once you teleport down to the town, you are in-character.

If you wish to leave a comment in OOC:

  • use a private IM if possible, or
  • use brackets “(( your chat ))” around your text, or
  • type “/22″ in front of your sentences in local chat

Anything else is to be considered in-character.

By default, anything written in IM is to be considered OOC. Make sure that you are always polite when you send IMs to other players.


Last modified: June 2, 2011