Combat Rules


There are now three main combat modes:

Non-Combatant mode

Default Combat mode

Warrior mode.

Now it should be simple to state in your meter your prefered type of play  and easy for other players to see what that is.

We now use our Combat Dice , which are built into the SGS meter, as a means whereby players in different combat modes can engage in combat without either mode having an unfair advantage. We hope all players recognise the need for a compromise here and will comply with this ruling.

If you are totaly against this mode of game play then simply do not get into combat situations with players of other modes.

In short:

  • Non-Combatant: You do not wish to fight using a Scripted weapon. You carry out all your combat through Role play and/or Combat Dice(with SGS HUD).
  • Default Combat Mode: You would prefer some kind of RP woven into your combat, but use a scripted weapon to resolve your conflicts.
  • Warrior Mode: You are prepared to engage in combat with anyone without the need for a role played preamble

The Three Combat modes


In the following sections it is stated that in some modes the player must use a role played introduction before commencing their attack.

Question: How much role play do I need to offer before my attack.

Answer: You need to announce your  intention to attack in at least one line of role play, and in such a way that the other player has time to respond to your challenge.

Should the other player reply with role play that requires further reaction on your part you should reply at least once.

After this initial exchange you may proceed with the attack.


Jack the amazing master Samharian swordsman leaps up from his seat at a table in the Fatted Calf restaurant

He swiftly unsheathes his mighty weapon and waves it threateningly at Dan the dishwasher who has just entered from the kitchen.

Jack: I saw you, you disgusting  dog, now you will die for what you have done.

Dan plays nervously with his apron strings and shakes in his shoes at the sight of Jacks mighty weapon. then in a high pitched whimper squeaks.

Dan: I have no idea what you are talking about, what are these things I am supposed to have done that cause you to threaten me in this manner.

Jack twists the weapon slightly in his hand so that it catches the light from the lamps in the street and momentarily dazzles Dan

Jack: lowly Scum, I have seen you throught the beaded curtains of the kitchen dribbling in the Sultanas Sandwiches, and now you will pay with your life.

At this point Jack may begin his attack, or he may wait to get another cringing reply from dirty Dan.


Remember that our sims might differ slightly in the emphasis we put upon role play or action. the above example is a rough guide.

Also remember that you are in our sims to role play, therefore you should never be in a hurry to cut off that role play in order to begin combat should the other player offer you a chance to continue with said role play.


If you are Non-Combatant:

  • As a non-combatant player you cannot use a scripted weapon therefore all your Combats take place through Role Play/Combat Dice (built-in in SGS).
  • It is up to you to be sure other players in other combat modes are aware of this if you get into a combat situation.
  • You understand that you cannot use non-combatant mode as a shield against other combat modes.
  • You can attack players in the other two modes through role play and Combat Dice
  • You should be prepared to use the Combat Dice option if you are legally challenged to combat by another player using role play, even if they are in a different combat mode.

Default Combat Mode

If you are in Default Combat Mode:

  • You can attack Non-Combatant players through Role Play/Combat Dice (built-in in SGS). No weapon attacks.
  • You can attack warrior mode players but you must first warn them OOC or with some role play interaction.

Warrior Mode

If you are in Warrior Mode:

  • You can attack anyone else in Warrior mode whenever you like however you like, BUT you must have a IC reason that fits the story or your personal character development.
  • You can still attack Default mode players but there needs to be some form of build-up to the attack either in role play or some OOC agreement.
  • You can Attack Non-Combatants through Role Play/Combat Dice (built-in in SGS). No weapon attacks.

Ready Rule (Default Combat Mode)

More Info

How to Setup Combat Mode

From the HUD, click on “SETUP” and then “COMBAT MODE”. Then “Save & Exit” to save your preference.

More Combat Rules (Honor Code)

  • No shooting if you are safezoned. If your meter shows ‘Safezone’ you can fight with melee weapons, but not range weapons.
  • Residential houses are to be considered safezone, unless the fight has already been started outside. In that case, you cannot simply go and hide in your own house. Also stay out of the residential area. Residential houses in KOS2 are supposed to be a peaceful retreat from the rest of the SIM, so if you fight there, move the fight somewhere else.
  • Jump Enhancers and Speed Enhancers during fights/capture are not permitted.
  • No teleporting out of the region once the fight has started.
  • If you don’t want to lose – ever – DO NOT fight, and set your meter as NON-Combatant
  • Do not RP ban other players just out of convenience (knowing that they won’t be able to hit you afterwards).
  • If you break city laws, you agree to be chased for your crimes and face a jury and sentence if you are found guilty.



A default combat mode player stole my slave, killed my clan mate called me a name. Can I attack him?


Rp the reason why you are attacking him and you are free to attack.


A member of my Clan is being attacked by someone in Default mode and I am in warrior mode, can I just attack them?


No. You simply announce your intentions in an RP sentence such as, You are attacking my brother and you will die you person who has sexual intimacy with your own mother, leave him alone or suffer the consequences of your actions you person of unknown male parentage.


I am chasing a member of a clan that my own clan is at war with, this after some extensive RP introduction. As I am chasing him Another Undead in Warrior mode Joins the fight with minimal RP, can I report him?


No. We have to be reasonable as to what is a reasonable amount of RP, and what is a realistic response in an IC combat situation.
The Fact of the situation is, in a sim that allows combat, it must be possible for fellow Clan members to try to protect their own Clan.
But we do recognise that some form of stated intention is required to join that combat as it was begun in a different mode of combat.
so a Simple Statement of intent is all that is needed.
We would advise Role players who prefer more role play mingled in with their combat to maybe set the combat situation in a less public place than the street or a public bar full of supporters of the clan meber you are attacking.
What we mean is please use your common sense in combat situations.


It is my first day in the SIM and I am in Warrior Mode. Can I go around and fight against all Warrior players?


No, you have to develop a reason to do it. If you are an undead and a slaver assaulted your girlfriend, then it is a valid reason for you to attack the slaver if both of you are in warrior mode. Or if you clan declared war against another clan, if you are in warrior mode, you can go and attack all players in warrior modes from the other clans.

If the other person is not aware of your reason, then it is not a valid reason. For example: 10 years ago pirates assaulted your girlfriend. Since then you hate all pirates. You cannot attack a pirate now unless you made him aware of your reason first.

Update February 2010 – Is it Okay to Step in after a fight has begun?

We asked players to vote last February.


Based on the result of the vote, the majority of people believe that being able to help out their friends in a combat situation is essential to game play in KOS.  We agree that making friends and allies is an essential part of the game and using their aid in combat is a main reason for these alliances.

However, there are still one or two points to be taken into consideration before making a simple yes or no ruling on the subject.

So here are a few things to bear in mind before joining in on a combat situation that is already underway.

First the most obvious is to make sure that the people fighting want you to be involved, this might be a personal fight between two players.

If you are within sight of a combat situation which involves a member of your own Clan or an Allied Clan then the rule is that you can indeed join that combat.

As pointed out by many people, role play introductions to combat already underway are totally impractical unless there is a natural pause in the fight. So if the combatant players are not Rping at the time you join the fight, then you may join without need for lengthy introductions.

Players who are neither friends or allies of those fighting should ideally stay out of the fight, or at the very least have a good RP reason as to why they are joining in. One such reason might be an RP call for help from one of the combatants.

TPing directly into a fight is not allowed. If you receive an IM from a friend in trouble and a TP is involved then it should be to a logical location, so that your appearance on the scene is “believable”

The main problem we have sought to solve is the situation where 2 players start a fight and neither call for help.
Then as the combat progresses one of the players decides they do not want to loose so they call in friends, and in many cases this allows the loosing player to win the fight. This is basically cheating.

Unfortunately written rules are too easily broken and no matter how much we try, it is impossible to police all situations. So we will introduced a mechanical method that was originated to solve another problem, that of being attacked the moment you arrive in the sim, before you have had a chance to rez and prepare for any kind of Rp leave alone combat.

So there will now be a 2 minute pause before the meter becomes active after a TP into the sim.
This will mean that you must judge a combat situation early to assess if you feel you might need assistance, and call for that help before the combat goes to far. If not you may find your friends will not get there on time to help you out.

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