Roleplay & Gaming

So what is Roleplay like here?

Well we are maybe naive enough to think that all levels of Role players and game players can get along harmoniously in the same sim, but we are aware that in practice there is a little war going on between extremists on both sides. It is these extremists that we don’t want anywhere near our sims.

What we dream of is good RPers who are not arrogant and intolerant of those not so experienced and totally new, RPer’s who are prepared to show by example the benefits of good RP, but also we would like simple Game players who just want to have fun and are not so immersed in lengthy Role play scenarios, but at the same time are not stupid enough to grief those that are.

There is no real reason why both types cannot exist together in the same sim if they are just aware of each others space. And maybe both can learn a bit from each other if they were not so ego driven in their aims to force the other side into their way of thinking.

We have watched both sides try to take over our sims by advising us that the sim will fail unless we do things their way. Here, come hell or high water we hold the middle line, fun loving people who want to RP. Neither extreme will understand this, both will claim our sims to be worthless to either side.

So if you have no intention of creating a meaningful character and dislike any form or role play, if your idea of fun is to attack players who have asked you politely not to play with them, if your idea of role play is childish verbal abuse and taunting others OOC etc., then don’t buy our meter because you won’t get a refund and we will definitely be banning you from all our sims and that means all your ALTs too.

On the other hand, if you believe that a sim can only work when everyone is reading from the same script, possibly one that you have written, if you believe that perfect spelling, punctuation and paragraph formation are prerequisites for good RP, if you hate meters or any kind of game combat, if you are overwhelmed by nostalgia for the perfection in RP that was the last sim you played in, then our sims are definitely not for you, and again, don’t buy our meter you will be wasting your money.

We seek a world where people can have fun in both camps. For me (n.d.r. Baal) personally this is a big deal. I put a large part of myself into the places I build, if you get any sense of “reality” in the sims this is because in my head they have a history and do exist. Therefore I dislike seeing them being overrun by idiots who have no sense of place and time and no intention of getting into the feel of the world, but I also dislike the limiting exclusive sensation that comes to a sim when one or two egotistic players try to highjack what are in effect open ended dreams.

We are trying, with the SGS meter and HUD, to supply the tools for people to create a meaningful character that can live in and feel part of these little worlds. They create a structure so that all people in a sim are on the same page without having to have lectures and endless notes. Most people who don’t like meters tend to do so on principal, in practice its no big deal to play out whatever scenario or type of game you wish over top of it. Take it or leave it, its an easy choice.

But if you decide to join in the fun then please make sure you understand all the above.

Baal & Kora

Last modified: June 2, 2011