Preys in the new KOS

Many asked what happens to the Prey group in the new KOS.
Whoever is a free Prey in the old meter will likely become ‘Citizen Prey’ in the new one. It better identifies the fact that free preys are likely to live in the city and share common issues with citizens.
As for the meter, ‘Prey’ becomes more like a capture mode than a separate group. However, the SL group stays, and they can still be organized and structured. So in fact, at the end it is mostly a reclassification, not a major change.
Also, for those who lives in a predator camp because their Master/Mister is there, they will have the opportunity to become , for example, ‘Bedouin Prey/Slave’ and serve and be loyal to Bedouins. This is usually a better fit for those who maintain a long-term relationship with their DOM.
So Prey will become a group within groups.

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