Update 18 January Addendum

SGS Socionex Game System
Update Newsletter
2010-01-18 Addendum


( 1 ) Brown Bullwhip (special – capture only)
You may now capture preys by using this bullwhip instead of bumping them.
It only works on ‘free’ preys.
You will draw/swing it similar to a weapon, but it is not a weapon.
It doesn’t inflict any damage.

( 2 ) KOS Katana : weapon type SWORD

( 3 ) KOS Dragon Katana: weapon type SWORD


Nothing exciting here, but there were minor bugfixes

Bugfix) You couldn’t pay ransom if you only had15$
The ransom is 15$, but only if you had 16$+ you were able to pay and free yourself
This is fixed now.

Bugfix) Paying for ransom was not unfreezing you at the same time.
Now if you pay for ransom, you will also regain control of your avatar, if you are frozen.

Some mispelling fixed.

– JUST PICK THE NEW VERSION UP at the GAME ROOM, at the sky entrance.
– There is a UPGRADE sign on the WALL

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