Update 27 January 2010

24-27 January 2010


General notes on the responsibilities of Renting Businesses

Renting a business is not just a means of getting paid. You can do this by simple camping work or
learning a skill.

We expect people who take on a rented business to be aware of what it is they are renting and to fully
take on the role that is associated with it.

If you take on a bar then you will be expected to run it like a real life bar and also hire bar staff and
possibly dancers to attract customers.
This is even more important should you take on ownership of a large night club, where you should
consider running small in-game events and promoting them to other players.

We can help out with this should you need temporary publicity such as posters put around the sim.
We cannot afford to have people camping ownership of important role play positions. So if we feel
that a player is not doing all they can to promote and manage their chosen business then we may
have to consider relieving them of the position.

Even smaller businesses like the sushi bars in Nomos are important places for people to meet and
discuss in character events. So an owner of such a place should always be around if they are
on line to act out their role.

So basically, please do not take on a business if you do not know or care about how to role play the position.


Please browse places and businesses on the web. We post official information about the
various locations of the SIM, with rental details if available, and a picture.

This will also help the new residents to familiarize with the different locations of the SIMs.

For Business Owners: please login to your account on the web to post business information , such as :
member/staff, job openings, list of services / product and their prices, opening hours.


Just a clarification about the creation of SL Groups related to any of our SIMs (Kingdom of Sand, Nomos,
and Golgothica).
In the past we didn’t allow the creation of any group besides the official ones.
In time, we have changed our position about them, so people were able to create groups.
But … there is always a ‘but’…
We need to know what groups are formed out there, and what is their purpose.
So we can compile a list for each SIMs , and properly advertise them thru the players community.

A few simple rules:
– SL Groups should have a IC purpose
– SL Groups cannot violate any TOS rules from Linden Lab
– SL Groups should have a declared purpose within the roleplay game
– SL Groups may be closed enrollment, but if requested, we SIM owners should be allowed to be part of it.

SL Groups that are not published in our list are therefore to be considered illegal and
we may have to ask that they be discontinued.

So, please use the “Suggestion Form” to submit the following information:
– Name of the SL Group:
– Owners:
– Group Charter/Purpose:


Slavers (both the port and the sear witc) , bedouins and knights have thei cages/cells locked, and
only a member of that group can open them.


The safezones are not meant to protect fighters from losing a fight. Therefore, the delay has increased
from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.
Hopefully, this will discourage the use of safezones during fights.


( 1 ) The Brewer1 item at the Slaves Head Inn was having problem and was not initializing.
Now it is fixed.

(2) The KOS Dragon Katana had one prim of the wrong color, so now we upgraded it to version 0.41
Please get the upgrade from the UPGRADE sign and click on ‘EVERYTHING’, so you will receive the
fixed version.

(3) We have freebie clothes next to Game Room (Same clothes we had before).

(4) The bouncer is back at the Arabesque Cafe`.