Nomos – New Residential Development

We are considering adding a SIM to the Southern edge of Nomos.

The main purpose of this would be to add some residential accommodation in keeping with the theme of the SIM, but also to add a desert road and various other sim related RP areas associated with such places. This would also take the pressure of the main sim and spread the load.

These apartments would be of various sizes, furnished or unfurnished and the larger ones would be at least 20 meters apart for privacy. There would also be a personal prim allocation depending on size of apartment. We have set no prices yet, but there would be a price range according to size and the prices would be no more than other rented place in SL.

We would hope that people renting them would treat them as extensions of their game life here in Nomos. It would in fact be an idea for people wishing to set up special places using their own poses and equipment, something that is not possible in the main sim due to Prim count.  But we would not strictly police this rule as they would be rentable for L$ and NOT GAME MONEY, please make a note of this fact.

So if you love Nomos and just hate having to leave then let us know ASAP. If we find the demand high then we will begin on this project straight away and hope to have something ready for rent within 2 or 3 weeks. We will make a list as we get replies and use that as a means of first come first served allocation.

So if it sounds like something you would definitely be interested in then send a simple note card to Baal Zobel  with your name and something like, yes please, I would love to live in a dirty run down rat infested city.

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