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Nomos 2 is now open, Please read the attached descriptive note
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Nomos 2

Take the Road south out of the city past the residential blocks and you eventually come to the suburbs.
But this is no suburbia of green fields and neat little communities, just a rocky outcrop that stands between the city and the dead dust bowl of the desert.
Passing through the sand wall on the city limits you cross the Burner Trench. This is where all the City waste and sewage spews out from the big sewage pipes that line the wall. Once fresh water fell into this trench after passing through the cities purification units, but they broke down long ago. Now raw sewage and even worse substances fill the trench and seep into the surrounding land.
Only dead trees and sparse brown grasses cling to life here on dusty rocky soil.
Ahead on the distant higher rocks stand the Villas of those who have made money from the city and still have financial reasons to stay on Earth.
But even these “wealthier” homes are dark and dusty places.
However, the poorer city dwellers still look on with envy at these symbols of seeming success in a hard world.
Close by them is the once much protested Overspill project, a small number of Porta-Homes supposed to alleviate overcrowding in the city.
This was back when the city was full to bursting, before the big migrations off world.
Now the project is home to Travellers and Nomads fresh out of the desert, with no place to stay in the city.
Following the road past the Project it twists and winds its way up a rocky outcrop called Mesa Diablo’s
The Devils Table. A line of smaller rocks make a ridge that runs from ground level to the highest point. It looks like the spine of a buried monster and so is called the devils backbone by the locals.
On the top of these rocks stands the old Bedlam Asylum. It was closed for years, then when the numbers of patients began to build up in the city, they re opened it. It was supposed to be getting a complete refurbishment, but that never seemed to happen. When it stood empty it gained a reputation as a place of ghosts and bad happenings, several suicides were reported there in the old wards. Not so much is heard about it now there are people there again.
Beneath the asylum on the road back into the city stand the Titty Twister  Rock club and bar, home to infamous Dark Angels Biker gang.
A little further along over the bridge heading north is the MetroGen  Refinery. Still in use but not managed and guarded as it once was.