Race Mentors

In an attempt to better structure role play and interaction in the sim we are setting up a system of Mentors in Nomos
Each Race will have a separate Mentor, although some races will not have one at the outset as we are still seeking the right kind of people those positions. Please read on to understand what its all about.

A Mentor is not an In Character Race leader
They may however have their own Clan when not in their Mentor role.
Most of their work will be done OOC promoting their Race and its RP ideas etc to other players in the Sim. A Mentor should be the hub of the Race for the collection of Race RP ideas that involve other Races, although there is no rule to say they must be consulted about individual RP.
They should try to be aware of all currant RP involving their Race and its individual Clans.
So if you have idea for Large scale RP that involves other races check it out with your mentor first, and they can if need be contact other race mentors to talk it through and share the idea.
Their job is not to tell other Clan leaders how to run or organise their own individual Clans.
But they may advise on strategies that best promote those Clans for interaction with other Races
A Mentor is someone who fully understands their Race and how it functions in relation to other Races in the city. So if you want to know something about your Race ask your Mentor first.
They should have a good understanding of the game and its technicalities so they can help out new players if they are asked.
All Role Play problems should be first reported to your Race Mentor.
It is part of their job to attempt to resolve any minor role play disagreements and conflicts which occur between Clans of their own Race and other Races. And they will have a large degree of final say on RP matters.
A Mentor cannot eject and ban people, but they do have direct access to those who can.
Mentors are responsible for collecting data on their Race or group in the interests of promoting better Group interaction. So if they ask you about what is going on in your Clan please share what you know with them for the benefit of all.
They would be responsible for collecting opinions note cards etc from their Race on ways of improving life in the sim. So if you think you have an idea to improve things on the ground check it out with them.
A Mentor is someone who cares about Nomos and wants to see it grow and expand.
Mentors give up their free time to do what they do, consider this when you interact with them.
A Mentor is the eyes and ears of the Baal and Kora on the ground, as we cannot be all places at all times.
A list of Mentors will be available ASAP and their names and pics will be available in the Landing area of Nomos.