Mentor Rules Clarification

In SGS Sims a Mentors judgement on RP situations, technical issues or any other problems that disturb the harmony of the SIM is to be regarded as final at the time of issue.
Even if you disagree with the decision, you should still comply with it immediately, and do whatever you have been asked to do, or not to do.
After you have done this, and if you still wish to complain about the decision, you may consult another Mentor.
If that Mentor can see any reason to uphold the complaint they will consult with the other Mentor and discuss the problem further.
Only in this way can we get reasonably fast final decisions on otherwise infinite arguments.
Arguments take up precious RP time.
In the time it takes you to argue your case over and over you could have already been involved in a much more interesting RP situation.
Anyone who continuously ignores, argues, mutes, attacks with a weapon or verbally abuses a Mentor who is specifically in Mentor mode, will be reported to Baal and Kora and may be banned.