Club Mentor

We have decided to appoint Beast Theas as Club Mentor in Nomos.
The Club Mentor will be responsible for the allocation and overseeing of all club type Venues in Nomos.
All applications for Club ownership should now be sent to him.
Anyone recently trying to rent a club by contacting Baal will no doubt much appreciate this change.
If you have applied for a club in the past week or so and had no reply, and you see that club is still for rent, then please re send your application to Beast.
All new and currant club owners will be given a set of rules to which they should conform in order to keep their club.
The Club Mentor is NOT responsible for other businesses in Nomos only clubs from the list below:
Club Industry
Club Pecos
Club Primal
Mars Bar
Slaughter Zone
The Pit
Titty Twister
Royal Hotel Bar
Skyway Arena
Fight Club.
Naked Lunch Bar