Clarification about the “disguised” meter option

There has been some confusion regarding the wording “Disguised mode” as it appears in the meter. This was only ever supposed to indicate that the disguised function of the meter had been turned on by the player. This option was added so that a player could hide their RP information from other players in order to promote better RP and discourage meter reading I.e. a player meets someone they have never met before in the sim, reads their meter and says  “Hi how long have you been a Demon“.
This function has however been misinterpreted to mean “I am now wearing a physical disguise, so you cannot recofnise me” Obviously SL is a visual medium, if you want to hide something then you need to do it in world. We think the confusion is cause by actually having the Words “Disguised” in the Meter, so we have removed it in the hope that it will go back to being a simple RP aid.