Drama Box Reminder (KOS)

Just a reminder that we keep KoS a drama-free zone. If you start an argument OOC in local chat – you can either move it to IMs or use the teleport at the main gate to go to the Drama Box with the people involved in it and settle down the argument there, so the rest of us – who don’t really want to participate – can still enjoy the in-character roleplay 😉
Once you enter the SIM and teleport down to Ireem, you are meant to be in-character all the time. No exceptions. Thank you for understanding.


– Players are required to be polite and respectful OOC.
– All the roleplay is consensual.
– In fact if you show to be the lovely funny person that you are OOC (private IMs), you will be surprised to see how other players will feel much more comfortable with roleplaying with you.
– Anyway sometimes people simply do not get along. In that case, it is better to RP ban the person and avoid interaction. That will work both ways.
– If you see someone breaking TOS or rules (written by us) submit an admin report.