KoS Main Gate area

The Main gate of the City in Kos is an extremely important place. It is, we understand, a great place to congregate, but it is also the first place visitors and new players see. Therefore, what happens there sets the tone of the whole Sim and Game. Like the saying goes, first impressions are lasting impressions.

We would therefore like to ask that those who congregate there please cut out all OOC chat unless extremely necessary to RP, no IC bad language, no none RP related gestures and animations, no playing of sound bytes of any kind. No formation dancing, no parties.

Basically this is a totally IC (in-character) zone, as the whole sim should be, but the gate is essential. There are many much more private places around the sim to carry on these other activities if you must, please keep the main gate area free of all none game related things.

Thank you.