MPDD Synthetic Detection Device is now available

The Device is available at the Metropol Store – reserved to Metropol, Rep-Detec and MetroMech.

It costs 1L$. Scripted to detect synthetic.

Read below for more info.


Multi Purpose Detection Device
1. First find your suspect
2. Stand directly in front of them
3. wear the device
(Held in right hand. NOTE: your AO may  overide the animation)
4. Click on the device to turn it on.
5. It will bleep normaly for a short time and then you will recieve a readout of the result of the scan in the bottom left of your screen.
This will be one of the following
Scanning in progress: Normal Bleep
Scan Result -: Human: Normal Bleep
Scan Result – Synthetic elements detected: Warning bleep
Scan result -Unknown organism: Scrambled signal.
You must click the device again to turn it off or to re scan the suspect.