Palace and Harem Guards – Update

For Palace inhabitants and Knights:

It came to our attention that the Palace and the Harem are often the places where other players come and expect to attack and conquer.
However, we have often said that the Palace has hundreds of Guards (even if they cannot see them) and in fact the Palace is supposed to be the safest place inĀ  Ireem.

To enforce this idea, you now have 2 special guards:
– Talib Akaba (Mustafa’s brother) next to the Throne Room, and
– Abdul Hamin in the Harem

If you get annoyed in-character by other players who don’t seem to acknowledge the presence of those hundreds guards and be respectful, click on the Guard.

You will be asked an amount for the crime. Be fair with it. They will have to pay that amount once in a trial.
Then you will be asked to type the name of the trespasser.

This person will be charged for trespassing and assault for the amount you chose. They will be instantly captured by the Palace Guards.
Their meter will lose all the physical health and they will be ‘Property of Knights’ with a trial open for them. They will also be disarmed and unable to wear weapons.
The trial is due right away.

Hopefully this will help to enforce the idea that trying to conquer the Palace is a bad idea and will never succeed :), and the only way to access the Palace or the Harem is to show respect and come in peace.

If your meter says “Palace” or “Knight” you may use these special guards. Harem Slaves – unless they are member of the Palace – won’t be able to use the Guard.