Cash Till Changes

It has become clear that some people use the SGS financial system to simply collect money, even though they have no use for it when they collect it.
We will be attempting to balance things out over the coming weeks by changing the way money is allocated to different people.

Most Business owners are probably unaware that most of the money we decided to put into their tills was also put there in order to encourage crime.
Crime was to be encouraged to provoke interaction between criminals and the law.

Business owners usually complain when their tills are robbed, but at the moment that money was not really ‘earned’. Up to now it was just simply free money.

Our first change is aimed at the way in which business owners receive money for Food Drink and Drugs.
So from now on, if you own a store which sells these any of these items your till will only receive money for them when either you or your co-tenants are actually playing in the sim.
If you are not in the sim then the items will still be available to buy and other players will be able to purchase them, but your till will not receive any money.
This means that any money you make while in the sim from these items is actually ‘earned’ from you running the business and also you will be able to take it from your till before you leave.
People who rob tills will get less money when you are away or will have to rob the till while you are in the sim.
Please understand that earning money to survive is what the game is all about.

On a side note, we are aware that many people use alts to accumulate money.  We have no problem at all with people having alts in the sim to play different characters, but using them to collecting money for your main character is cheating plain and simple and is totally against the rules.

NOTE: Tenant or cotenant will be ‘present’ if they are at either one of the 2 adjacent sims.