Ireem Doctor Election – Voting starts NOW!

All Ireemians can now choose who they want to have as Ireem Doctor running the Clinic. The candidates are: Keezie Serpente, Annabella Shieldmaiden, Evona Blackthorne, Yannena Homewood, Caraya Beeswing, Julianne Lemondrop, xylimer Clarence, Enigma Watkins, heather Wirsing, nino Hazelnut, Gentelle Bizet. As candidate, please submit an interview or, at minimum, a short statement about why you should be the next Doctor. If nothing was published, candidacy will be discarded.

Everybody is welcome to vote. Min. 7 days old. No Alts.
First round of voting will close next Sunday.
To submit your statement, contact the editor of the Ireem Chronicles: Kito Tachibana (hoikit.yiyuan)